Atlas Objectives and Salesforce

You can integrate Atlas Objectives directly into Salesforce

At Atlas Objectives we have done many applications and integrations into Salesforce. Salesforce makes it easy for you to see your Atlas Dashboard or access the entire Atlas website.  If you would like to learn more about Salesforce, click here

Place the Atlas Dashboard on your Salesforce Home page. 

Your key employees are in Salesforce every day.  But employees can become lost in the work tasks and forget the big picture.  Atlas Objectives makes sure the their Team Status and their own Objectives are front and center in the Atlas Dashboard.

Access Atlas Objectives as a Salesforce tab. 

Atlas Objectives can be a tab in your Salesforce account.  Just click on the tab and you will see your Atlas Objectives account page.  You can log in there and access all of the Atlas Objectives feature.


Salesforce is the #1 CRM and a great success platform for your business.
Objectives delivers a measurable plan and strategy for setting the direction.

A Perfect Combination

Atlas Objectives is designed to be that first step where you set your Goal, assign Objectives, and create Strategies.  Your Salesforce solution will benefit from having all of your team members aligned and working together efficiently.