Growing with Atlas Objectives

Atlas Objectives can grow up, down, and all around 

You might be the first person in your group to use Atlas Objectives.  But Atlas Objectives is easy to share with your friends, co-workers, managers, employees, or team mates.

Growing the Solo account.  You can upgrade your Solo account to manage other people.  Just go to the My Account page and click on the "Hey, I manage people too" link.  You can change your account to a Manager account and then start adding employees.  Your Manager dashboard will then fill up with the people you invite to your account.

Growing the Manager account.  As a Manager you can always add people to your team and they will each get their own Objectives account.  You will be able to help them set their Objectives and then you can view all of their Objectives, Strategies, and Milestones from your management dashboard.  

Growing as a Team Member.  Any team member can also grow their account.  They can go to their  My Account page and click on the "Hey, I manage people too" link.   Then they will become Managers as well.  You will still see them as members of your team and they can start inviting people to become a part of their own team.

Growing up into the organization.  A Manager can invite their boss or team leader to to create an Atlas Objectives account.  When a Manager does that they automatically become a team member of the leaders new account.  The new team leader can then add other team members to the account.

Everyone working together

Atlas Objectives is designed to link your entire organization with a common goal and clear Objectives.