Atlas Objectives and Self Improvement

Happiness is the joy that we feel growing towards our potential 

Atlas Objectives steps you through the process of stating your Goals and helping you reach your potential.

Creating a Goal describes your future state. How do you want to change?  You may want a healthier lifestyle, learn a new set of skills, or increase your productivity.  Statements such as these help you visualize the changes and improvements you want to make in your life.  These are the goals that you can put in Atlas Objectives.

Objectives help you break a goal into manageable parts.  Think about the elements that help you achieve a goal.  For a goal like  "Live a healthier lifestyle" that might include diet, exercise, sleep, and more.  Each of these points are independent Objectives that when worked together will take you to your goal.  So Objectives are not detailed stories.  They are simply good descriptions of how to break the goal into smaller segments that can be worked.  

Strategies describe how you will achieve an Objective.  How will you do it?  How will you change your diet?  A Strategy is the answer to that question.  Does it involve shopping in a new way?  Trying new foods? All of these ideas can be written up in the Strategy and that creates an explicit plan on how you will achieve your Objective.  

And the great thing about Strategies is that friends or advisors can review them.  This is your chance to get advice and see if your plan makes sense.  Having a written Strategy allows you to be clear and concise in showing that there is a path to achieving the Objective.

Milestones track your Objective's progress. Setting real dates will hold you accountable to the plan of your Strategy.  Maybe you need to shop on Sundays to have more time in planning your meals.  Perhaps setting a deadline to meet with a nutritionist will prompt you to get that on your calendar.  When you check off your Milestones you will show real progress towards your Objective. 

Atlas Objectives is the path to your future

When you use the Atlas Objectives system you will have a well thought out plan that helps you monitor your progress to the person that you want to become.

  • Your goal become clear
  • You have your goal segmented into Objectives that can be achieved 
  • You have Strategies for how you will achieve the Objectives
  • You have Milestones that set up a schedule for the achievement

You have to try it

The best way to achieve a goal is to have a realistic plan with specific and timely actions — Atlas Objectives makes both the process of planning and the act of achieving a simple and pleasant event.