Atlas Objectives and Workday

Workday as an HR system

Workday moves the primary functions of a Human Resource department -- typically located onsite -- into the cloud. These functions include Financial Management, Expenses, Time Tracking, Payroll, Human Capital Management, and Talent Management.

Talent Management is the area which most closely correlates to Atlas Objectives. Talent Management focuses on the employee as a valuable asset, working to identify and proactively retain top talent, and help managers and employees create development plans and set career paths.

Talent Management follows a golden thread approach to achievement expectations, with goals cascading down from top management to employees in a very broad, non-specific delivery. Talent Management rates an employee's value as an asset to an organization based on management's rating of goal achievement (Talent Summary > Current Rating)

But where does the Current Rating come from? What is Workday's summary view of an employee based on? Typically this information is gathered by managers monthly, during face-to-face professional development meetings (PDRs).

Talent Management can inform employees of their goal(s), but provides no way for a manager to actually track an employee's progress. Nor does it give an employee a means to plan and implement how to reach their goal(s).

Workday defines what needs to be done (a particular goal).
Objectives delivers a measurable plan for how to do it.

Atlas Objectives as a measurable action plan

Atlas Objectives integrates with the Workday platform in two ways:

  • As a tool for employees to create and implement strategies to reach their goals
  • As an effective way for managers to assess progress and deliver accurate ratings

Atlas Objectives accepts Goals from workday and places them as Objectives. Employees then create strategies and milestones (their action plan) to help them meet those Objectives.

Tracking an objective's milestone completion provides the Manager instant feedback as to current employee achievement - providing data for the Current Rating. From a wider perspective, Atlas Objectives' employee report of Objectives, Strategies, and Milestones creates a clear and simple way for Managers to accurately rate employees for the Workday process.

A Perfect Fit

Objectives is designed to work within Workday's existing system by complementing and expanding the Workday process — empowering employees to more quickly reach their goals. Objectives offers an accurate means of assessment for managers, and a way for employees to follow through on their Goals through an action plan which is easy to follow.