Objectives improves your business.
Here's how.

It coordinates the efforts of your organization...

Dominate your market

Management by Objectives is perfect for any organization that manages people and wants to succeed. It gets everyone pulling in the same direction by coordinating efforts and maximizing efficiency.

Be a better manager

Put management theory into practice; delegate objectives, clearly define expectations, track team progress and provide continuous feedback. Real-time reporting means problems are resolved before they become problems, with a resultant increase in productivity.

Create a strategic action plan

Objectives help to clearly define annual strategies for your entire organization – for each team and every team member – and integrate their input to help maximize ownership and align direction.

Objectives — employee performance improvement

Help create top performers

Employees share ownership of organization objectives — their creation, performance tracking and staff accountability. And employees who 'buy in' to their own objectives are more likely to surpass them.

Prime employees for success

Managing by Objectives helps develop an optimum team environment where employees can thrive, working toward Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound objectives.

Improve employee morale

Retain talented employees by providing feedback and recognition as you set a common course for management and employees, where measured results and performance recognition help raise organization morale.

...and streamlines Human Resources activities

Drive goals to employees

By ensuring employee awareness and agreement on organization goals and individual objectives, Objectives helps you focus the power of your entire organization in a single direction to yield measurable results.

Effective performance evaluation

Objectives helps define staff performance goals, where employees help create and agree on their personal objectives. Automatically track and record employee progress and results, and generate summary reports that detail employee achievements and can be used in a performance improvement plan.

Reward top performers

Easily measure which employees meet, exceed or are ahead of their scheduled objectives. Automatically track the job performance of each employee, and reward performance through an impartial, measurable system.

Management by Objectives improves communication, accountability and performance

The bottom line? Proven methodology in a modern package

Built on Peter Drucker's time-tested Management by Objectives (MBO) process, Atlas Objectives' collaborative design allows teams to effortlessly create and manage objectives with built-in reporting and real-time status updates – advancing business goals to an unprecedented level of ease-of-use and transparency. Our goal is to bring managers and employees together to more effectively meet their goals!

Need a question answered? Ask away!

Our team is passionate about the MBO process; our team has personally used MBO for thirty years to turn companies around. We've seen it work, and we can't stop talking about it! We even offer MBO consulting services and training seminars to our Enterprise partners. So if you have questions about Atlas Objectives or MBO, please call or email us – we’re ready with an answer!