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Objectives Plans

Atlas Objective plans revolve around the manager who sets up the initial account. This manager's monthly subscription supports his own user account and those of his immediate team.

Though all Atlas Objective plans contain the full set of features to help lead your team with the Management by Objectives (MBO) process, some plans include select features geared toward specific organization sizes or needs.

Comparing Plans

  • Objectives Solo is a free account for an individual to apply the Atlas Objectives approach to their life
  • Objectives Pro is for a manager to lead a team of members who each receive an Atlas Objective account
  • Objectives Plus is for a manager who needs the advanced feature of printing employee reports, Objectives Templates (see below) and sharing objective between employees 

There is also an Objectives Premium for enterprises who want contract payment and phone support.

Multiple Managers

Many organizations often have more than one manager using Atlas Objectives at the same time. A separate account is required for each manager and their immediate team. For instance, Manager One has five team members. One of these team members (Manager Two) also has a team; Manager Two will need to purchase his or her own account for that team.

If your organization is interested in purchasing an Enterprise site license to cover all of your managers, please contact Atlas Objectives for pricing information: send Atlas an email

Objective Templates

Managers with many employees (15 or more) or who have high employee turnover will often assign the same Objectives and related strategies to multiple team members. These managers may wish to consider Objectives Plus, which enables managers to save frequently used Objective 'Sets' as templates. 

Templates may be assigned multiple times to selected employees for reoccurring scenarios. For example, a template might cover New Employee Training and would be assigned to each new hire or employee added to the team. The template feature significantly reduces setup effort over time in teams of greater size.

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