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Creating Objectives for your Teams

It is easy to create an Objective for a team member.  First click on the team to go to their Objective list. 

Then you will see the "Add New Objective" button that is used to create the new Objective.

Pressing that button will show the Objective form where you can set the Objective deadline, the Objective name, and the Objective description.  Click on the "Save Objective" to save it.

Then you will see the fields to define the Strategy.  You can be as descriptive as you want with formatting and styles as well.  Or, you can click on the "Let Team Define" if you want your team to do this.  Click on the "Save Strategy" to save it.

You will now automatically have your first Milestone which is due on the due date of the Objective.  You can add more Milestones by clicking on the "Create New Milestone" button.

To see how to create Obvjectives for yourself, click here