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Adding a Team Member

Managers can add team members at any time.  To add a team you must select the Teams tab and then the Add New Team button will be present on the top right side of the screen.

This will bring up the Team information screen when you can input the team member's name, title, etc.

The most important field in the information screen is the team member's email address.  The email address will be their use name Atlas Objectives and it is also used to send them an invitation to Atlas Objectives.

Also note the checkbox in the lower left hand corner above the "Invite Now" button.  Check this button if the new member also is a manager.  This will invite them to your team and enable them to set up their own teams within Atlas Objectives as well.

After you have filled out all the information you have the choice to invite the team member now or invite them later.  You should invite themnow if you want them to be a part of setting their own Objectives.  Or, you can invite them later if you want to set their initial objectives before they can log into their Atlas Objectives account.

To create Team Member Profiles, click here

To invite new Team Members, click here

To delete Team Members, click here